Friday, April 29, 2011


I am an adult
Nervous trembles consume me
Like a child saying their first speech at school
Into my personal shell I cower
Safety from the slashing
Years of belittlement
Of being told my opinion is nothing
Nothing more than that of a silly mind

I left
Learned to find my voice again
am an adult
Finally my words resemble that
I shielded myself from him
I found strength in the tiny syllables
A helping hand aided in the search for my missing chords
They had returned

A simple concept for so many
‘Stand up for oneself when being ill treated’
It has taken years for me to return
To a place where my words matter
Where my words defend me
Where my words make others reconsider
Where my words make a difference to a situation
My words.

Land of Deuville

Land of Deuville
(564 Words)

It is a trying life being a superhero. Dedicating hour after hour attempting to save the world, trying to conjure up new tactics in order to combat criminals and the evils of our world and, obviously, making time for all the outfits I have to wear!

I am not your traditional superhero. I choose who I want to be at that critical moment.
I am Batman.
I am Spiderman.
I am Superman.
I can even be Tarzan, if it were required.
The criminals I encounter are not the usual either, by any means. I take on the evils of parents, teachers, soldiers and many other revolting creatures. I spend my time securing the village of Deuville and destroying all of its notorious inhabitants.

This lifestyle can become very tiresome, and as a result the League of Obviously Bizarre Superheroes and Friends decides on a single night which all superheroes are relieved of their duties and are allowed to spend their time off behaving like normal humans. Tonight, April 23rd, is that particular evening.

Due to performing my duties religiously for years, it becomes arduous for me to return to normal life. I have attempted playing board games with my family. I had a bubble bath at four o’clock in the afternoon and spent the rest of the evening lounging in my pyjamas. I have watched far too many movies and brought my artistic skills to life on a piece of dull, processed wood. Nothing can keep my desperate yearning to perform my skills, or the memories at bay. One particular flash back haunts me whenever I close my eyes, even to blink.

It was a lifeless day, apart from the blobs of water the sky chose to spit down on my head. I retreated from my dripping attack and found refuge in my home. Within minutes I heard the alarms burning through my town of Deuville. Feeling the ‘webular’ masteries of Spiderman, I flashed into my suit and descended upon my town.

Devastation reigned. Giant creatures, all of a different form and make up, ripped apart the buildings. Behind all this disaster stood their leader: a vicious, pale-skinned cretin with legs that reached higher than our tallest structures. This creature towered above everything and I had no concept of how I was to bring it down.

Upon initializing my attack, I discovered the monster’s weakness – webbing tossed over the feet – this caused great anger and frustration. The beast began to yell and rub furiously to eradicate my webs. Noticing this pattern, I waited until the moment when the monster was bent over trying to erase my marks and I sent a fierce wave of sticky entrapment, trapping it in a giant ball. The creature fell to the ground, tears falling dangerously from its eyes. I had saved my town and brought the monster to justice. Barbie will no longer be a threat to my people, and neither will my sister for that matter. She was very unimpressed to find her plastic doll covered in wood glue.

Being a superhero is a tough position to hold, but being a four year old one is even more complicated. No one understands your desire to rid the world of evil, and parents become frustrated with the trail of destruction left behind in my efforts. One day, when I really do save the world, perhaps they will understand.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


There is a thread on Writing Forums where people are discussing relationships and a lot of the men are saying how women expect their men to change who they are and how they are stifled.

I decided to add my 2 cents to the thread in defense of women who love their men for who they are.

"I have read through everyone's comments here and it seems that many people have quite a cynical view on both relationships and love.

I have been witness to women who believe in the "fairytale love" - the kind of love that one sees in the movies. Media portrays true love as something that brings OTT happiness 24/7. Yes, the couple will experience a drama of sorts that pulls them apart, but all is made right in the end and they live happily ever after. I am, of course, generalising many romantic films. This kind of portrayal leaves many women wondering what is missing from their lives and their relationships. I have seen good relationships fall to pieces because she is looking for more from her man. It is sad to think that people can be so mislead by media that they begin to believe that this is how their lives should be. In my opinion, having someone who loves you whole-heartedly and makes you happy should be enough. Why go looking for something more?

I am a typical hopeless romantic - I love roses and songs and poetry and cuddles and all that :) Even though I am this way - I am realistic about relationships. It cannot always be sunshine and kittens. Both my man and I are opinionated, him more so than me. His past relationships have been damaging and he has many difficulties that he has to deal with as a result. I too am damaged goods, from disastrous family relationships. I will NEVER ask my man to be anything other than who he is. I love him that way and I am proud to be with someone like him. Regardless of his insecurities, he is a wonderful, loving, generous man.

He has many hobbies that he thoroughly enjoys. He participates in online gaming, music, reading and especially loves spending time with his children. I could be like the women that have been described in above threads and limit his time to do the things he loves. But why would I want to do that? I have encouraged my man to join a band and gain as much experience he can from performing live. In fact, he is playing his first solo gig in 2 weeks (he is a singer and a guitarist). Yes, his hobbies are time consuming, but they are part of what makes him who he is. It is an honour for me to stand next to the stage and see how much he has improved and just how happy it makes him. I could be selfish and demand he spend time with me and my friends, as was previously mentioned in this thread, rather than enjoy his online games. Instead, I joined in. I learned how to play the same games and now we enjoy that time together. I cannot understand women who take away from their men the little delights that they may have.

When you look at our relationship there is so much drama that surrounds us – my family in particular have created a difficult environment, but we have both moved beyond that and are the better for it. We are discussing an engagement and I am over the moon. He makes me unbelievably happy and I know he feels the same. It would be an honour to be his wife.

A relationship is not a tennis match where one person wins and the other loses. It should rather be viewed as a game of doubles – where together you can either succeed or not."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mother's birthday. She passed away 5 years ago and yet I still cry the entire week leading up to this date and cannot think clearly on this day.

I have a tendency to commit acts without thinking them through clearly, get lost in thought to the point where I hear nothing around me and become very forgetful. Is this ever going to go away?

I miss you everyday Mom and I wonder how different life would be if you were still alive. I love you so much.