Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Six Years Old Today (10 June 2011)

Six years of sharing her smile
So bright, so wonderful
Captivating all who look upon her
Causing happy beams in return

Six years of her beauty
Which encompasses all
Shining from deep within
Her tiny, extraordinary heart

Six years of her joy
Bringing forth a happiness
That could never run cold
Creating a rainbow for all to see

Six years of her laughter
Perfect and lyrical
There isn't a sound quite like it
Tickling from within her little frame

Six years of her intelligence
Far beyond her years
Questions asked that baffle the grey haired
Creativity colouring her every thought

Six years old today
Excitement bouncing throughout her
Parties, cakes and presents
A special day for an extra special little girl.

Good Day, Sweet Dreams

Sitting studiously at me desk
hands placed over the keyboard.
Ready to punch in the latest invoice
as soon as the boss walks through the door.

Little movement from me as I wait,
"Is he coming back at all today?"
Clicking here and there on the net,
plodding along to get through the day.

I close my eyes for a second,
perhaps a little longer than a blink.
I feel my senses slip away,
jerking swiftly upward, wide eyes on the screen.

Just a few seconds rest,
for my weary computer eyes.
Gone so quickly,
sheep had no chance.

I must have bounced at least three times,
in an attempt to wake up.
I cannot believe I am so tired,
that I am falling asleep in this horrid chair.

So cosy and warm,
so quiet and peaceful.
No shouting customers,
or blaring telephones.

I could stay here all afternoon,
let the time pass swiftly by.
I am sure no one will notice,
the puddle of drool on my desk may give me away.

At some point the boss returned
I awoke with a hand slamming my desk
"Good Day, Sweet Dreams?" he yelled,
leaned forward with a twisted smile
and whispered "You're fired".